Why You Should Look For a Professional Junk Hauling Company in Dallas

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Why You Should Look For a Professional Junk Hauling Company in Dallas

Whether you’re doing a home remodeling project, cleaning out an old storage space, or just trying to make more room in your home, at some point you might be faced with the problem of how to deal with junk. One or two small pieces of junk can easily be disposed of, but if you’ve ever had a lot of junk to deal with then you know that at some point it gets to be a real hassle—one that your standard trash pickup service won’t take care of for you. This junk might include items such as:

  • Yard debris
  • Old appliances
  • Boxes full of random items
  • Used construction materials

In these cases, you might be tempted to try and save time and money by handling the junk disposal yourself. However, before you commit to making numerous trips to the dump over the next couple of days, consider these reasons you could look for a professional junk hauling company instead.

It’s Not as Expensive as You Think

Without a doubt, the main reason people try and dispose of junk themselves is to save money. However much a junk hauling company costs, it has to be cheaper to deal with it yourself, right? This isn’t completely true, though. Yes, professional junk haulers do expect to get paid for their services (we don’t offer free junk removal, Dallas—sorry!), but you’d be surprised how much it costs to handle this on your own. Why does it cost so much? Well, it can be summed up in three areas:

  • Gas
  • Dump fees
  • Truck rental

Think about it: unless you live right by the dump,  you’re going to have to pay for gas to get there and back. Most dumps are out of the way and take a while to get to—and with the price of gas these days, you’re already starting to rack up the costs. Depending on the amount of junk you’re dealing with, it’s also logical to assume the job is going to take more than one or two trips, which means the cost of gas is really adding up.

If you live near a dump that’s free to use, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Many dumps charge a fee for their use—fees that can multiply if you accidentally dispose of certain types of items improperly. And, how are you going to get the junk there in the first place? Unless you own a truck, chances are you’ll need to rent one, which also costs money. Even if you can borrow a truck from your friend, you’ll be expected to pay that friend back in some way, right?

In other words, that cheap do-it-yourself mentality has really ballooned into an expensive proposition.

It Saves You Time and Energy

In addition to the money you’re spending, all of those trips to the dump are going to take a lot of time. And it won’t be a fun time, either. You’ll be picking up and carrying heavy items, trying not to hurt yourself, dealing with the summer sun, driving back and forth from your house to the dump. Over and over and over again. While time might not actually equal money, there’s a point where your time becomes too valuable to waste doing something that ultimately isn’t saving you that much money anyway.

You Can Avoid Serious Injuries

When it comes to junk disposal, much of what people need to throw away is heavy. Old appliances, construction debris such as wood and metal—these things weigh a lot and are often big, bulky items that can’t easily be carried. Every one of these items comes with the potential for serious injury. Cuts, abrasions, and squashed toes might not sound too bad, but in reality you’re more likely looking at pulled muscles and other more serious injuries that could end up putting you out of business while you recover.

What was that we said earlier about saving you time and money? Not if you can’t go to work the next day.

Junk Is Disposed of Properly

A final reason to hire a professional junk hauling company has to do with the junk itself. You can’t just take it to the dump and put it anywhere you like. Each type of item has a specific destination, and in many cases must be disposed of in a particular way. If you don’t know how to take care of these items properly you can run into several problems, including:

  • Wasting time as you struggle to learn the proper procedures
  • Losing money as you’re charged with improper disposal fees
  • Risking injury, as more work means more chances to get hurt

The Choice Is Clear

The next time you have junk to deal with, don’t try and tackle this problem by yourself. Hire a company that provides hauling services. Dallas locals know who they can trust to call. We at Junk Guru are ready to deal with it for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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