Why Do You Need to Hire a Trash Service Provider?

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Why Do You Need to Hire a Trash Service Provider?

When we first tell people about our service, we often get the response, “I can’t imagine I’d ever need a trash service provider.” We don’t take offense to this, because it’s true that at first glance, it may seem unnecessary to hire a service to remove bulk trash. Dallas residents, like most other people, assume they can place their items on the curb and it’s done.

Unfortunately, Real Life Isn’t that Easy

What seems like an easy solution gets more complicated when it comes to real-life waste removal. When you have waste on hand that your local trash company won’t pick up, you’re left wondering what you can do. You need the trash removed, but your options are limited. Junk Guru provides waste removal on your schedule.

Frequently our customers tell us they encountered this problem and were happy to find out about us and our service. They had looked into renting a dumpster but didn’t like the idea of the waste sitting on their property for pickup or were unable to load the disposal bin.

The expense of hiring a rental truck capable of hauling the waste to the local landfill, taking time off to meet the open dump hours, and paying the disposal fee seemed like a great deal of hassle, and they still had to load the waste themselves.

In addition to these other concerns, certain items, like oil-based paint, can’t be disposed of anywhere. Dumps, landfills, and recycling bins decline responsibility for the items. Homeowners are frustrated by the lack of options for trash removal, and rightfully so. They were left with waste when they wanted a cleaned area. Junk Guru offers pickup and ethical disposal of oil-based paint on a flat-rate fee scale.

Trash Can Be More Than Trash

We also hear from homeowners that the items they need cleared out are still serviceable but have been upgraded as part of a renovation. Our clients feel irresponsible hauling large appliances, furniture, countertops, and other items that are functional to landfills. They care about the environment and feel it’s wasteful. Junk Guru strives to limit landfill usage in our removal process. While we never sell your items for profit, we’ll donate or recycle items as appropriate in an effort to maintain eco-friendly practices.

Many Small Items Make for One Big Job

We’re often contacted by new homeowners who need whole-house, attic, and garage services after purchasing a home from an estate sale or foreclosure. It’s common for these homes to be filled with items from the previous owners that the new owners have no use for.

Our clients don’t have the time to clear out the home themselves, as they need to move in and begin making the house their own. Junk Guru understands this and provides fast, efficient, and professional services to have the home clear and ready on move-in day.

Specialty Item Removal

Even if you’ve never encountered these issues, there are still a few instances where you may need the help of a professional trash removal service. When the hot tub needs replacing, you have to remove the old one. If your above-ground pool becomes damaged, it’ll need to be moved as well.

If your fence is beyond repair or you have a carport awning you’ve decided to take down, you’ll benefit from our services. Junk Guru can help you remove all manner of residential trash, including scrap metal. All we ask is that fences and decks be cut up. Virtually the only exception to our trash removal service is hazardous waste.

We Even Help with Yard Waste

Nearly every homeowner has encountered the issue of a tree falling on their property or being left with an abundance of branches, trimmings, and old mulch during yard cleanup. Hiring a tree service to chip and remove these items can be expensive, and few cities offer this service regularly.

Junk Guru can clean your yard debris for you, removing hazards from your lawn so you can spend time enjoying your outdoor spaces again. It’s as easy as contacting us with your service needs. We’re available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to take your inquiry and will reply promptly with a quote.

Junk Guru takes pride in offering top-notch, professional service for competitive prices in the Dallas, TX, region. We don’t surprise our customers with hidden fees, disposal fees, or additional fees of any kind. The quote you receive is the price we charge. Junk Guru was awarded a Dallas Small Business Excellence Award and has an A rating with the BBB.

We take customer service very seriously and strive to provide each of our customers with the best possible service for their trash removal needs. If you find yourself searching for trash removal services, from refrigerator recycling to old furniture pickup, Dallas homeowners should contact us today for a free quote. We’d be proud to add you to our growing list of happy clients.

About the Author: Raz Pantea

We offer commercial and residential junk removal services. No matter how big or small the job we promise a quick response, professional service, and attention to detail.