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Side yards have a tendency to turn into a spot to dump things or maybe just store items until you decide what to do with them. These areas are generally not as spacious as a backyard, so they fill up quickly. Side yards are also not as visible, so when junk ends up there, it typically stays for a while. When items are out of sight, it is easy to forget about them. It’s all too common for people to turn their side yard into a storage area for everything from broken patio furniture, swing sets or playhouses children have outgrown and more. This is a shame because aside yard can be a nice area and add to the outdoor living space of your home.

Problems and Hazards with Junk

A messy side yard may negatively impact your home’s curb appeal. Whether you are planning to sell your home, if you just want to increase the usable space or just eliminate the eyesore and possible hazards from having junk in your yard, a side yard cleanup can drastically change your home for the better.

Junk can be an eyesore but depending on the items it can also be a hazard. Worn out playsets and patio furniture can be dangerous to use. Old appliances, lawn mowers, and vehicles can leak chemicals that pose a risk to your family, pets, property and even wildlife. Junk of any kind can create a home or possible breeding grounds for insects and other pests. These nuisances can carry diseases or cause damage to your home and property. Cleaning out your side yard to remove unwanted items and other junk eliminates the danger and harm caused by the buildup of junk.

Optimize Your Space and Your Time

In order to make the most of your side yard, you need to start with a clean area. Cleaning out and removing the junk in your side yard is a big undertaking. Large and bulky items, like hot tubs, furniture, old appliances or other items can be difficult to move and may be more than you can take on.

If you were to clean out your side yard on your own, you may need to make several trips to dispose of everything. Some items may be in good enough condition to be donated while other items may need to be recycled. Depending on the amount of stuff you have, you may need to make several trips to get rid of everything. This entire process can be messy, time-consuming and an overall hassle.

Get Your Side Yard Back

It doesn’t have to be like that. At Junk Guruz, we can clean out your side yard, so you don’t have to. You just need to let us know if there is anything you want to keep, and we can get to work. We will clean out all of the junk you want to get rid of, and not only will we get these items out of your way, but we’ll do it in an environmentally responsible way.