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Get back to business, by outsourcing your office clean out needs to the Junk Guruz team. Whether you need to clean out your office space because you are moving or undergoing a renovation, or if you own the space and need it cleaned out before a new tenant moves in, we can do the job.

Maximize Your Time

You have a business to run. Cleaning out your office space on your own will take you and your team off of your normal responsibilities. Space needs to be cleaned out, but putting your team on this project may end up taking longer and be more of a hassle than anticipated.

Streamlined Process

Office clean outs typically involve moving a lot of heavy furniture, from desks to tables, filing cabinets and even printers and appliances. The size and bulk of these items may make it difficult or even impossible for you to coordinate this move on your own. Moving items out of the office space is half of the work while transporting everything is also a big job. Without the right equipment, you may end up making multiple trips just to get rid of everything. This can drag things out and end up taking even longer to complete the project.

Our team is able to come in, quickly remove everything, load it up and get it out of the way, so you have a cleaned out space that is ready for whatever you have lined up next. Cleaning out spaces and removing items is what we do, and our team of professionals can easily take on your job so you don’t have to.

Properly Dispose of Items

At Junk Guruz we take environmental responsibility very seriously, and we know other businesses do, too. When we clean out space, we take care to responsibly dispose of everything. Items that you no longer want to keep, but are still in good condition will be donated. This enables others in our community to put these items to use.

When appropriate, items will be recycled. Items like metal filing cabinets and desks can be recycled, but these are not items that can simply be tossed in a dumpster designated for recycling. Printers, computer monitors, projectors and other electronics are also items that can be recycled, but it is not necessarily easy or convenient for you to do so. We make it easy for you by removing everything and bringing items to the proper facilities so they can be handled the right way and the environmentally-friendly way.

Learn More

An office filled with outdated equipment and furniture, junk, construction debris and more can stop you from moving forward. Taking on the clean out yourself can also be a hassle and time-consuming. Outsourcing your office cleanout needs makes the best use of your time and budget. The Junk Guruz team can make easy work of your office cleanout project by quickly removing all of the unwanted items and junk and then properly disposing of those materials. Get in touch if you have an office in need of a cleanout today.