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Who doesn’t love soaking in a hot tub at the end of a long day? Not many people. Having a hot tub on your property or in your home is an investment in self-care that pays dividends for years to come.

However, if you have a non-working hot-tub in the house or on the back patio, removing it can be a real chore. You have to break it apart, collect up the pieces and then haul them away yourself because regular trash collection won’t take them. Worse still, the tub itself is bulky and heavy, and most won’t fit in a regular pickup truck.

There’s no reason to suffer through that removal process. Call Junk Guruz today and let us remove your old hot tub for you.

Our hot tub removal team has all the necessary equipment and extensive experience with hot tub removal. More importantly, we have trucks big enough to haul away the tub itself safely and easily. We’ll also clean up the other parts and accessories from your hot tub, so they can be properly disposed of when we deliver your hot tub to the recycling center.

Hot Tub Disposal FAQs

Why should I leave hot tub removal and disposal to the experts at Junk Guruz?

We’ve done hundreds of hot tub removals over the years, and we know exactly what tools we need, how long it’s going to take and how to dispose of all the materials and the hot tub itself.

Attempting to remove the hot tub on your own without the proper tools, a truck capable of hauling away the tub and all associated materials and the experience to safely dismantle a hot tub is a risky proposition. You can easily injure yourself or cause damage to your property if something goes wrong.

How does your hot tub disposal service work?

You book an appointment by calling and speaking to one of our friendly team members at Junk Guruz Dallas/Fort Worth location. We send a hot tub removal team and the right type of truck to dismantle and haul away your hot tub from wherever it is on your property or in your home. Whatever can be recycled is taken to the recycling center for eco-friendly disposal.

Junk Guruz also provides far more than just hot tub removal and disposal, too. We remove and recycle major home appliances, yard waste, old TVs, and much other junk removal and hauling services. We can even arrange for bulk pickup when you hire us to remove your hot tub, allowing you to easily dispose of all your unwanted junk with a single appointment. A great way to help us prepare for your pickup appointment is to make a list of all the items you want to be removed and giving us that list over the phone prior to our visit. That way we know what to expect and what equipment to bring along.

Call today to find out more about how we can help you declutter your home and remove any major junk accumulated around your home. Contact us today!

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