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Cleaning out a home, garage, yard, office or any space is a big job. However, once you’ve moved all the junk out of the space, there is still a lot of work to be done. Hauling trash away and properly disposing of everything is a big job all on its own. From being able to transport everything to knowing where and when to bring items, the entire process can be a hassle. You don’t need to deal with this hassle. We can help if you have garbage that needs to go.

Sorting Through Everything

Not all garbage is really garbage. You may no longer have a need or use for certain things, but that doesn’t mean someone else may be unable to find a use for those items. When we remove junk we inspect everything and donate items that can still be of use. Since this is what we routinely do, the entire process is quick and easy.

We work with a variety of charities in the Dallas area, so we know what items are generally in demand and accepted. Donation helps people in the Dallas community and makes it possible to get the most use out of items. Another advantage of donation is it keeps items out of landfills and is environmentally responsible.


Lots of items can be recycled, but recycling isn’t always easy, particularly for items that cannot be picked up in a standard curbside recycling program. Appliances, furniture and construction debris are all materials that may be recyclable, but in order to do so these items must be brought to the appropriate recycling facility.

Properly disposing of items through recycling, again, serves to keep items out of landfills. Whether those items can be re-manufactured into something new and useful or if they contain potentially harmful chemicals, like batteries and paint, it is important to handle everything in an environmentally responsible manner. Again, because this is what we do, we are familiar with the recycling facilities in the Dallas area and what items are accepted for recycling, ensuring that when we remove your junk it will be handled the right way.

Hauling Professionals

We load up and haul junk for a living, so we have the right equipment for the job. Depending on the amount of garbage you have, it may be more than your vehicle can handle or you may need to make multiple trips to get rid of everything. When you work with the Junk Guruz we will do the heavy lifting and get all of the garbage out of your way so you can enjoy your space.

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Whether you moved everything into one area, like a garage or warehouse or dragged items to the curb, that works for us. We can quickly load everything up and get it out of your way. Garbage removal can be a hassle, and you have enough going on as it is. When you need to get rid of garbage the quickest and easiest solution is to call in the professionals at Junk Guruz.