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Foreclosure Clean Outs

When a home goes into foreclosure, there is a significant amount of work to be done after the property is officially repossessed. The contents of the home are often left for the property owner to clean up, and depending on what condition the previous owner left the house that can be a mammoth undertaking. Any property left in the house at the time of foreclosure remains in the house. Furniture, appliances, trash, and belongings are often abandoned and must be removed before the property can be put back on the market.

House cleanouts are never a pleasant task, and there can be any number of surprises waiting to be discovered when you go into a foreclosed property to get it ready for future sale. Everything must be removed: refrigerators, washers and dryers, televisions, clothes, food, household supplies and anything else not built into the home’s structure.

It’s definitely not a task that an individual should attempt on their own by any means. Removing all property from the inside of a house is labor-intensive, and carries some risk of personal injury if you don’t take proper precautions. If you have a foreclosure cleanout you need to be handled, call the home cleanout specialists at Junk Guruz. Our team of expert junk removal specialists has the training and equipment to remove any and all property from a foreclosed home and dispose of it safely.

As a junk removal company, we routinely remove and recycle old mattresses, major appliances, furniture, clothing, trash, and other debris from residential and commercial properties. We know how to safely remove and recycle just about anything, and we have the equipment and trucks to make it happen without you risking your own health and safety. Worried the mess in your foreclosure may be too much? We’ve seen it all over the years, and we have a plan and a procedure in place for any and every cleanout situation.

Are you cleaning out a commercial property? We handle commercial foreclosure cleanouts too! Junk Guruz will come out to your commercial property and remove all fixtures, furniture, and equipment that’s been left behind. We’ll recycle what we can and dispose of the rest responsibly. Don’t let any foreclosure cleanout add stress to your life. Dallas/Fort Worth property owners should contact Junk Guruz today.  We’ll send someone out to give you a no-obligation quote. If everything looks good to you, just sign off on the quote and our foreclosure clean out team will get to work right away. Your property will be ready to go up for sale again in no time junk-free.