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Construction Waste Removal

When the dust clears and the last of the drywall has been hung, construction waste still needs to be cleaned up and hauled away. Cleaning up a construction site as a contractor is time-consuming and requires additional labor hours that cut into your bottom line on any project.  If you’re a DIY enthusiast who has just finished improving your property or adding on to your home, hauling all that construction waste away by yourself probably isn’t an option.

In some cases, there is often waste left over from demolition, especially when a residence or commercial property is being scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up. All the drywall, scrap lumber, scrap metal, concrete, and other building materials need to be shifted out of the way before new construction and rebuilding can begin. If you don’t have the right vehicles and experience, it can be a pretty hazardous proposition getting rid of all that waste on your own.

Then you have to consider the environmental and ecological impact of disposing of all that construction waste. Much of the debris and leftover material from a construction project can easily be recycled, limiting the long term effects of dumping construction materials in a landfill where it can leak into the local water table. Getting rid of your construction waste safely is challenging enough, but finding an appropriate recycling center, sorting the debris and transporting it is a major undertaking. Fortunately, no matter what your construction waste removal needs are, Junk Guruz has you covered.

The construction waste removal experts at Junk Guruz can help you dispose of the following construction debris and materials in a safe and eco-friendly manner:

  • debris
  • drywall
  • windows
  • tiling
  • floorboards
  • wallboard
  • sheetrock
  • shingles
  • corrugated iron
  • concrete
  • flooring
  • canvas
  • frames

Make the smart choice and let Junk Guruz come out and haul that junk away for you. We’ve got trucks, containers, training, and experience to make cleaning up waste at a construction site fast and easy. We can make a single visit when you’re all done or drop by several times over the course of the project. Our construction waste pickup crew will make sure you stay on target to meet your project deadlines no matter how many times you need us to make a collection. Best of all, we recycle whatever material we can after collecting waste at a junk site, so you can rest easy about the environmental impact of your project waste, too.

Need that construction waste removed in a hurry? Give us a call or click on the Contact Us link to get more information or to schedule a quote. We’ll send a team out to estimate the cost for you and get right to work cleaning up your construction waste as soon as you sign off on the quote. Our people have the knowledge and experience to clean up your job site quickly and safely so you can move on to the next job with confidence. If your local to the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, give Junk Guruz a call, and we’ll handle the hard part of cleaning up a construction site.