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The Origin of the Word “Junk”

“Junk” is what we call old or discarded items we feel have no value. The word comes from Middle English as a way of talking about an inferior rope. There are many classifications of junk that a Dallas, TX, junk removal service will take care of, but there’s also junk that could have value.

Junk is considered items that are unwanted or of no use. These unwanted items have either served their purpose or have grown old or nonfunctional and are referred to as trash, garbage, and junk. They can be solid, liquid, gas, or waste heat. An example of waste heat is liquid friction, which can be caused by mechanical or electrical works. A byproduct such as a liquid or gas can be called an emission, which is usually pollution. Garbage is the common material in our homes, such as spoiled food, chemical substances, old containers, or paper products.

Junk removal covers practically anything considered junk in a residential or commercial location, except for hazardous materials. When dealing with the clutter of your home or calling a junk removal service for broken and old stuff, the following items may be valuable and not technically “junk”:

  • Handmade items by a skilled craftsman 
  • Items made by known big names 
  • Old nostalgic items such as childhood toys 
  • Any item connected to historic or notable events

One of the three main types of junk removal jobs is household junk removal. A big part of residential junk removal is appliance removal. Some common appliances include refrigerators, microwaves, washers, dryers, and water heaters. Home electronics are commonly disposed of as well. This type of removal includes televisions, computers, printers, satellite dishes, and stereos. Bigger removals may include furniture such as sofas, mattresses, box springs, tables, and futons.

Another type of junk removal is commercial junk removal. Even if a business isn’t a manufacturer, junk still seems to pile up. The benefits of outsourcing commercial junk removal include convenience, safety, saving money, and peace of mind that it’s handled properly. Office facilities require electronics removals such as computers, printers, and monitors. Furniture removal is also common with items like desks, chairs, and portable walls. Heavy equipment removal is far more economical to outsource to a junk removal company.

The last common type of junk removal is debris and waste removal. Construction projects may require this service, which includes the removal of bricks, drywall, flooring, and tiles. Outsourcing construction debris is more economical than doing it yourself. Other common debris and waste are items such as tree limbs, garbage, and leaves. Other general removals can include items such as used tires, wood, stones, and rocks. General rubbish and clutter removal are common in any facility as well.

When they need junk, trash, and debris removal, Dallas, TX, residents can reach out to Junk Guruz, the experts in ridding people and businesses of unwanted junk. Call us today at 972-408-8348 to schedule an appointment.

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