Trash Removal Services for Residential Moving

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Trash Removal Services for Residential Moving

If you’re making a residential move, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? We think one of the best pieces of advice is to throw things away as you’re packing boxes in your old house so you don’t move them to your new house.

The only issue is that you might have a LOT of trash at your current home, which is where we come in. Our business is junk removal and bulk trash pickup. Dallas homes with a lot of junk sitting around will soon look nice and tidy again. We’ll remove just about any type of trash from your home—furniture, old appliances, scrap wood, paper—you name it. We don’t do hazardous waste removal—we’ll leave that to those professionals—but we do offer paint disposal pickup services for residential clients throughout the DFW metroplex. We base our flat-rate prices on paint container size, and we’ll pick up oil-based or water-based paint even if your paint has been mixed with other chemicals.

Best of all, we operate an on-demand service so we can help you out anytime—24/7, 365 days a year. Many of our clients hire us when they’re moving, but they also hire us for their annual spring and fall cleaning sprees as well. We even work for real estate agents who need to do a real estate cleanout to get a property ready to sell. If you need light demolition tasks, we can provide that in most of our Dallas-area locations.

We do just about any type of removal in all sizes of jobs. We clean out your garage or remove construction debris or yard waste. We’ll even haul off mattresses or old cars or boats. Here are just some of the jobs we’ve done:

  • House cleanouts or garage cleanouts for moving
  • Cleanouts for converting a room
  • Property cleanouts for landlords
  • Foreclosure cleanouts
  • Carpet removal
  • Clean outs for inherited homes with a house full of old belongings no longer needed
  • Yard waste removal (even trees)
  • Construction project debris removal
  • Hauling services for junk, junk, junk

We’ll empty your attic if that’s what you need. If you’ve remodeled your fence or deck and need the old fencing and decking removed, we’ll do that too. We’ll even remove debris from land clearing, as well as barn or shed demolition debris. We’ll even do cleanouts in hoarding situations. Really, we can do almost anything, including mattress removal. Dallas locals who want to get rid of their junk only need to get in touch with Junk Guru and it’ll soon be gone.

Our clients trust us to not only pick up their trash, but also to properly dispose of it or otherwise disposition it. We never resell any of your items for profit. Instead, we’ll dispose of your items, recycle them, or donate them to a local charity.

It’s easy. Call us, tell us what you have to dispose of, and make an appointment. Our crew shows up on the designated day, on time with the right trucks and equipment to get rid of your junk. When we get there, point to it, and it’s gone!

Moving? Remodeling? Trying to free up space? Whatever your project, Junk Guru is here for you. We offer free quotes for your junk removal, and we have several locations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. We promise you a simple, hassle-free process.

Many homeowners start out thinking they can handle their own trash removal, only to quickly become overwhelmed at the sheer size of the mountain of trash that’s developed. Very few homeowners have the proper vehicles and tools to haul the waste on their own. Some initially rent dumpsters but become frustrated at the prolonged time it takes to call the dumpster company to empty it several times. With Junk Guru, we’re a one and done company. We’ll get it done in one trip.

Save yourself the backbreaking work, and hire us, whether the job is appliance removal or old furniture pickup. Dallas customers can save money by having us do the heavy lifting. Our professional team wants you to be happy, and cleanliness and organization of your home is a great way to achieve that. If you feel stuck with useless junk or unwanted stuff, let Junk Guru make your home a happy one.

About the Author: Raz Pantea

We offer commercial and residential junk removal services. No matter how big or small the job we promise a quick response, professional service, and attention to detail.