Will My Trash Company Take My Old Mattress?

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Will My Trash Company Take My Old Mattress?

Getting a new mattress helps you enjoy a better night’s sleep. Over time, mattresses wear out and develop indentations and other problems that can wreak havoc on your back. Since mattresses tend to last between five and ten years, they’ve usually gone through so much wear and tear that reselling them isn’t possible. Unfortunately, this creates quite a problem, since mattresses—including the top mattress along with box springs—create quite a bit of bulk and take up a lot of space. In most cases, waste management companies won’t pick up mattresses with regular trash because they fill up their trucks so quickly. Find out exactly how to get rid of your mattress in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way so you can get back to enjoying your new one.

Understanding Normal Versus Bulk Trash

Your neighborhood waste management service is designed to pick up the normal trash that accumulates throughout the week. They typically have specific routes they must follow as they pick up all the trash in the area. These routes are planned according to the size of the trucks and the amount of trash typical households generate. Bulk trash is usually considered to be anything larger than what will fit into a large garbage bag, including mattresses, large appliances, and even smaller pieces of furniture, such as chairs and nightstands. For these types of bulk pickup, Dallas residents usually have to make alternate arrangements.

Why Mattress Disposal Is Difficult

Mattresses are an especially challenging piece of bulk trash to throw away. This is partly due to their size, but it also has a lot to do with the materials used to manufacture them. Mattresses contain chemicals and materials considered unsafe to place in normal trash dumps in many communities. For this reason, it’s recommended that mattresses be recycled whenever possible. Specialized trash pickup services take extra care to dispose of mattresses in the proper manner.

How to Arrange for a Mattress Pickup

When your regular waste management service won’t pick up your mattress, you do have options. You can schedule a Dallas mattress pickup by a junk removal service, which allows you to put the mattress out without having to worry about it being an eyesore for long. You can also rest assured the mattress will be taken to the appropriate disposal facility.

Additional Items to Put Out with the Mattress

Needing to get rid of your mattress may also mean you have other items around the house that require disposal. For instance, upgrading to a larger mattress may leave you with bed rails and box springs you’ll no longer use. If you’ve recently renovated a room, you may have other pieces of furniture that are too large to put out with the regular trash. Give your house a quick check, and mention these items when you arrange for the mattress removal so you can clear out all the related bulk trash in one visit.

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