Does My Insurance Cover Junk Disposal?

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Does My Insurance Cover Junk Disposal?

Clearing out junk is already hard enough without having to worry about everything that could go wrong. After all, the fact that you have junk that needs to be removed is a sign you’re likely busy doing a major commercial or residential cleanout. Thinking about insurance is also a good idea, since it means you’re covering all your bases. Knowing whether you need additional insurance can help you make the best decisions regarding the junk removal service you choose.

Understand What Can Go Wrong with DIY Junk Removal

The first thing to understand is why you might need insurance. In most cases, junk removal services are needed when you have large items that aren’t able to be tossed out with the regular trash. Appliances and furniture are just a couple of the types of items you may need to call a junk removal service to haul away for you. While you might be tempted to haul off the trash yourself, these types of items are unwieldy enough that you could get hurt. You also run the risk of being responsible for covering any helpers who get hurt. For safe appliance and furniture removal, Dallas residents should trust the pros. Professional junk removal services help you avoid most types of damage or injuries so you shouldn’t have a need to use insurance.

Ask the Junk Removal Company About Their Coverage

Most likely, you already have some type of coverage that addresses personal injuries or damages on your property. However, you should know that reputable junk removal companies maintain insurance coverage that handles anything that could go wrong when they’re performing a job. Knowing the junk removal company has insurance that can cover damage to your property or an injured employee allows you to go about your plans without any worries.

Look for Other Signs the Company Is Reputable

A junk removal company that has insurance coverage is already demonstrating responsibility. You can also look for signs they always do a professional job, such as providing training to their employees and letting you know what to expect during the service. A company whose workers are prompt and don’t leave trash behind is also one you can trust to keep your property and the people involved with the removal safe.

Do Your Part to Help Everyone Stay Safe

When it’s time for your junk removal service, make sure to double-check the items for anything that could cause an injury so you can point it out to the crew. If the junk removal specialists are coming into your home, you may also want to make sure there’s a clear pathway for them. Proper lighting is also helpful to ensure they can see well as they move items to the truck. Finally, let the junk removal crew know exactly what needs to be removed, especially if there are materials such as broken glass that could cause injuries.

For your own safety, it’s always a good idea to hire professionals when you have junk, trash, or debris to get rid of. For the highest quality in professional trash disposal, hauling services, and junk pickup, Dallas residents call on the experienced team at Junk Guru. Call us today at 972-408-8348 to safely haul away all your junk, no matter how big or how much. 

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