Bring in a Junk Hauling Team to Help With Your Next Cleanup or Cleanout Project in Dallas

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Bring in a Junk Hauling Team to Help With Your Next Cleanup or Cleanout Project in Dallas

We’ve all got it and we all need to get rid of it. If junk is taking over your life, bring in a junk hauling team to help with your next cleanup or cleanout project. We remove junk from:

  • Homes
  • Yards
  • Businesses
  • Construction sites
  • And more

What We Do

Need junk removal? Dallas residents can reach out to Junk Guru. We can remove junk from either your home or your business—or both. Our projects range from homes to large retail locations. We even haul junk away from construction sites. Whatever junk you have, our professional staff is dedicated and ready to haul away all of your unwanted junk.

We take old appliances, electronics, furniture, tires, and other household items. We even take construction debris and yard waste like bagged clippings and fallen tree limbs. In fact, we’ll haul away almost anything as long as it fits in our trucks.

How We Do It

Our full-service junk removal company will sort through your junk and decide whether to donate, recycle, or otherwise responsibly dispose of your junk. Full service means full service—we’ll remove the junk from its current location, wherever that might be.

We categorize waste according to the following areas:

  • Household Items like clothing, magazines, and food waste
  • Green waste/biomass—things like tree limbs, yard trimmings, and tree trunks
  • Construction debris like concrete, lumber, insulation, and carpeting
  • Metal waste like iron, steel, aluminum, and copper metals
  • Glass bottles, automobile glass, and more
  • Plastics and packaging materials like bottles, containers, and large empty drums
  • Paper waste like newspaper, phonebooks, magazines, cardboard, office paper, and paper packaging
  • Tires
  • Electronic waste like computers, monitors, and other electronics
  • Universal waste like batteries, aerosol cans, fluorescent light tubes, and more
  • White goods, meaning appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and stoves

Our Process

Just give us a call and tell us what you need hauled off. We’ll schedule a time and give you a call when we’re on our way. When we get there, we’ll remove items from your home, yard, or place of business, load them into the truck, and clean up the area before we leave.

We try to donate or recycle as many items as possible to give back to our communities and keep trash out of landfills whenever possible. Just remember our mantra:

  • Donate
  • Recycle
  • Dispose
  • Help our communities
  • Help the environment

We understand all the legal rules regarding businesses that generate waste and are responsible for waste disposal, so we can help you with that in your business. Laws do vary by state and location, but in general there are laws that hold business owners accountable for waste generation and responsible disposal. Commercial junk removal may seem overwhelming to you, but it isn’t to us. No job is too big, so leave it to us while you focus on your customers and business.

Our Environmental Responsibility

Whenever possible, we donate reusable items to local charities like Goodwill and the Salvation Army. We even donate useable construction items to Habitat for Humanity.

We try to make a difference in the planet we’re leaving for future generations, so we use responsible environmental practices to minimize the energy we use and the junk that goes in the landfills. We want to impact the environment as little as possible.

We definitely feel the practices we use today have a direct impact on the future, and we want to leave the best possible planet for our customers and society at large. We try to divert as much as 75 percent of junk away from landfills, instead donating or recycling it. We keep the landfill diversion data to track our progress.

Call Us

Maybe you’ve fallen out of love with your home because there is so much clutter. Maybe your business has become cluttered and unproductive. Take the time to declutter and get back to the neat and clean home and office spaces you’ve been wanting for so long. All of us have junk. If your junk is in your way—and it probably is—get in touch with us. You’ll be glad you did. Junk Guru will remove your junk and leave the area looking like there was never even junk there in the first place. What are you waiting for? If you need hauling services, Dallas is home to your most reliable junk removal service provider—junk Guru. Call us today!

About the Author: Raz Pantea

We offer commercial and residential junk removal services. No matter how big or small the job we promise a quick response, professional service, and attention to detail.